FRANZ  KAFKA: Father  of Hybrid, Prose poem and Flash fiction

FRANZ  KAFKA: Father  of Hybrid, Prose poem and Flash fiction.

It  has been a  matter of debate  that prose written in post  card form in a horizontal block should  be kept in which genre ? Flash fiction or  prose poem ! Sometimes they look like siamese  twins and many times they signal as a hybrid . A complete  formula has not been formulated yet and it depends ultimately upon  the writer to decide what to call a given work .There is not a clear cut  distinction which is universally accepted. Franz Kafka is the father of poem and flash prose.

Flash  fiction  is written within  about 500 words or maximum  upto 1000 words .Here the main  challenge is to hide big talks in a few  words . They are kept secretly between spaces ,leaving most of  the time upon the reader’s imagination . A mystery to solve ! Poetry  is also a mystery and according to W B Yeats whatever could be understood is definitely not  poetry. This is the main cause which effaces the borderline between prose poems and flash fiction . This  effacing heightened much after the invention of surrealism .

Prose poetry  is written in  block form without line  breaks . It contains a major  of poetry devices symbolism ,imagery ,syntax parallelism and similes . These  devices are also used in literature of surrealism as it is talked about most of  the time in a symbolic way. Franz Kafka expertised this genre and made it widespread though posthumously .


Fragmentary  piece of Kafka

The windless calm on some days, the noise made by those arriving, the way our people come running out of the houses to welcome, flags are put out here and there, people hurry down to the cellar to fetch wine, from a window a rose falls on to the cobbles, nobody has any patience, the boats, instantly gripped by a hundred arms, scrape the beach, the foreign men gaze around them and climb up into the broad daylight of the square.


Franz  Kafka oeuver contains many  such fragments which can be placed into  three categories: parables , prose poem , and  flash fiction . Most of the time they can be  interchanged .Especially his flash fictions are teeter on  the edge of metaphor in major bulk , which could be drew   in category of prose poem . Sometimes they calmly radiates the  luminosity of ephemeral world through the clouds of surrealism .The dexterity  with which Kalfka handles the sentence , making its stretch accordion like , from  a short phrase to a lengthy paragraph ,justifying him as a prose poet .

Franz Kafka never  wrote traditional poems  but his first publication “ Contemplation “ is categorised as  prose poems which are in metaphor style .

Franz Kafka could  be called the Father of  hybrid , amalgamator of flash fiction  and prose poetry .


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