We often hear about discrimination in the workplace today. Many have heard of ageism, but what is really the new racism? Ageism and Racism: The Facts. Ageism is when someone assumes that you are younger than you are simply because of your age. This is when it seems that someContinue Reading

Planning is the act of preparing a set of decisions or choices for future action in such a way that the available resources (human and material) will be properly used to achieve desired goals. Planning differs from policy, decision-making or administration. The policy is a general statement to guide decision-making,Continue Reading

The progress of any educational programs very much depends upon well conduction research. It postulates sufficient, reliable and valid facts. Such facts are normally obtained through a systematic procedure which involves various devices. Each data collecting device has both merits and demerits. Each research tool is appropriate in a givenContinue Reading

 I am non-vegetarian. Being non-vegetarian is a sin. I was unaware of our gross inhumanity until I saw a chicken being cruelly slaughtered. That day I decided I won’t eat chicken again. I very firmly asserted my case that I will not eat non-vegetarian food again. I thought my motherContinue Reading

That was year 2008, a decade ago things were different. It was the era of Workout not Facebook. Our phones had 2G network. The greatest event during our College Days were nothing else but University Fest. So during these fest our visits to the shopping complex would increase. We wantedContinue Reading

Elora – Name of a famous sculpture of India. With lots of love her uncle named her Elora after seeing her beautiful face like sculpture. Now Elora is a girl of 21 and beautiful enough to draw attention of any man . Recently she got a job in a PrivateContinue Reading