It was going to be a beautiful June day. The sun appeared in a cloudless sky. The first rays awoke the birds. One chirped and then suddenly all sang. It reminded John of the chorus in the opera. He smiled and walked towards the window.  The thermometer at the window indicatedContinue Reading

I cannot help you. All results are normal and you are theoretically healthy – Doctor looked helplessly at Marta and continued – I wonder if these attacks of dyspnoea do not have a psychological basis. Here you have a referral to Dr. Kant Marta hid the document in her purse,Continue Reading

That was year 2008, a decade ago things were different. It was the era of Workout not Facebook. Our phones had 2G network. The greatest event during our College Days were nothing else but University Fest. So during these fest our visits to the shopping complex would increase. We wantedContinue Reading

Elora – Name of a famous sculpture of India. With lots of love her uncle named her Elora after seeing her beautiful face like sculpture. Now Elora is a girl of 21 and beautiful enough to draw attention of any man . Recently she got a job in a PrivateContinue Reading

The fragrance of Jasmine was spreading across all the rooms, corridor, gallery and other places of my house, which was a sign of Afraa’s presence in my house. It seems that Jasmine and Afraa were synonym for each other, at least for me because if there was no smell ofContinue Reading

At the age of thirteen, a girl reading Nancy Drew, Sidney Sheldon and Mills and Boon would keep waking throughout the night, either reading her favourite author or dreaming about their characters. She had never seen the world as it is but as she had read about in books. ForContinue Reading