Treatment Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Treatment Symptoms: FlueCough Shortness of breathFeverPain in body Prevention: Wash hands again and againUsing MaskDon’t touch animals Don’t eat excessive meat Investigations: RFTs (Corona also effects testes and kidneys)CBCCT Lungs Treatment Arsenicum Album 30 1 dose (12 drops in half cup of water) empty stomach for 3Continue Reading

Few Steps For Happier Life!

If you want to make your life happier and happier then It is for you! Release the grievances Resentment is a negative feeling that eats up your resources and does not allow you to enjoy your life. Try to let go of resentment, and peace of mind and soul thenContinue Reading

It was going to be a beautiful June day. The sun appeared in a cloudless sky. The first rays awoke the birds. One chirped and then suddenly all sang. It reminded John of the chorus in the opera. He smiled and walked towards the window.  The thermometer at the window indicatedContinue Reading

I cannot help you. All results are normal and you are theoretically healthy – Doctor looked helplessly at Marta and continued – I wonder if these attacks of dyspnoea do not have a psychological basis. Here you have a referral to Dr. Kant Marta hid the document in her purse,Continue Reading