We try to discuss the fundamental needs which are considered to be the basic cause of different conflicts, and which play an effective role in the development of human behavior or character and motivation. Dynamics of the Basic Needs People exhibit a wide variety of needs, drives, or motives, rangingContinue Reading

Planning is the act of preparing a set of decisions or choices for future action in such a way that the available resources (human and material) will be properly used to achieve desired goals. Planning differs from policy, decision-making or administration. The policy is a general statement to guide decision-making,Continue Reading

It is hard to can’t on the off chance that you are a thoughtful individual. Also, it’s difficult to deny in any event, hence, to be completely forthright: the individual you declined can blow up and retaliate for you. Change your mentality. To state: “they revealed to me what youContinue Reading

 I am non-vegetarian. Being non-vegetarian is a sin. I was unaware of our gross inhumanity until I saw a chicken being cruelly slaughtered. That day I decided I won’t eat chicken again. I very firmly asserted my case that I will not eat non-vegetarian food again. I thought my motherContinue Reading

In a distant galaxy many, many millennia ago a star burst. It was not over in seconds, first its light glowed more brightly, more brilliantly but gradually the light dimmed back to more regular levels. Then there was a sudden blinding flash and the star disintegrated into atoms and moleculesContinue Reading

How Reading Poetry Can Help Your Mental Health Mental health can be defined as, ‘a state of well being; a spectrum to achieve psychological and emotional wellness, where an individual can realize their true potential and function effectively.’ Therefore, mental health affects us all; and all kinds of things canContinue Reading