Anthology of Prose Musings of a Mystic A Review

Review of Anthology of Prose Musings of a Mystic by Mr.Cijo Joseph Chennelil.

Discernible Verses in Novel Stance

Ms.Jyotirmaya Thakur is an incredible poet who has composed 20 books,18 poetry collection, one on healing and one research paper collection on Poetry Writing,so far in her illustrious literary and poetic career.
All these 20 poetry books are renowned for their adherence to the principles of humanity and humility, their focus upon the resplendent vibrations of nature, their warmth in presentation, their unique characteristics,their mammoth versatility and tenacity, their rejuvenating vibrancies.
Their revitalising refreshness, their holistic outlook, their egalitarian vision and their indomitable spiritual deliberations. Through this prose like verse poetry collection book titled “Musings of a Mystic“, Jyotirmayaji has introduced a new style into the world of poetry which is explicit in relation to explicating ideas in a clear-cut and obvious tone and tenor.
The inherent trends so etched in this prose-oriented poetry collection book (Anthology of Prose Musings of a Mystic)  are as follows

(1) Nature as a Touchstone

The wonders of nature are gone through with a reinvigorating spirit of tremendous pedigree. In the lap of nature,everything is awakened to full-fledged fruition. The nature is the sum total of life. The nature does contain with its scope many mysteries and enigmatic aspects.
The seasonal changes of nature convey many meanings simultaneously such as the Summer signifying sunny feelings, emotions and sentiments by the sweltering or scorching Sun acting as a witness to the withdrawal syndromes shown by flora and fauna.
The Spring ushering in regeneration and rebirth, the Autumn creating an atmosphere of sedate nature, the Winter whipping up an occasion of confinement and capitulation and the Monsoon resulting in the entire natural landscape coming back to its full swing.

(2) The Selfless Love in Anthology of Prose Musings of a Mystic

The winter of discontentment is over and the life limps back to a state of normality after the spinning out of control sensation it has been subjected to. The fresh discourses are brought in to send the old outdated ideology to the dustbin. The enduring mental strength is vital for total success in life. The life is under a cloud of uncertainty because of the pretentious play that is so assiduously played by questionable characters.
The only thing that goes on to have the last laugh is that love which is not concentrated upon possession, domination and destruction.
The only sustainable thing here on Earth is that ultimate reality who is timeless and infinite. We human beings don’t understand the manifold aspects of life in their right terminology. In fact, we engage in the shadow-boxing of the dubious kind. The life of contemplation is the very beginning of real wisdom.

(3) Existential Crisis in Anthology of Prose Musings of a Mystic

Life here on earth is filled with full of inconsistencies, ambiguities, contradictions, and discordant notes. The one-man army always does try to drive home the message of peace and true well being. The world is fraught with so many instances of isolation, loneliness, and alienation taking place especially owing to human excesses.
The freedom is accorded to us substantially but it is misused to the hilt. The life does have that great surge followed by that downfall of tremendous consequence.
The emotions besetting the hearts make tsunamis of unparalleled proportions. The imaginative mind engages in creative ventures of unprecedented kinds which can’t be calculated and estimated.
The human frailty amidst chaotic situations is well understood by one and all. The wanton acts are committed to curry favour with others and in that process of nefarious attitude, the real life is gone with the winds. Still,there is that optimistic spirit governing the human selves ready to come in at any time. The forces of darkness are so organised to strike with no mercy whatsoever.

(4) The Detachment as a Form of Attachment

The detached ways are the futuristic attachment mechanism in a social framework. The psychological nature of closure is the pathway to go ahead in life without major breakdowns. The simplistic dealings and wieldings do create that tangible impact in terms of attaining the real goals of life.
The persistence of evil can’t last long because the force of righteousness gains currency slowly but surely. The present life we lead is encircled by many trials and tribulations. But, these turbulences must be overcome through perseverance, diligence,resilience,determination, vigour and grit and vitality.
The human beings live in mortal fear or apprehension. The seeds of goodness can produce a harvest of positive productivity. The life travels through that placid atmosphere of loveliness. The bliss is not an occasional occurrence rather it is there out in force if we have the right mindsets to imbibe it.

(5) Vibes of Positivity and Anthology of Prose Musings of a Mystic

The eyes are the barometers of insightfulness. If they are good,the entire body will be lit up to the brim. The true feelings of the heart can’t be curbed or curtailed. The whispers of joy are the immaculate sound bytes of life. The brightest appearance does have a diabolic aspect to it in a philosophical sense. The life here on this earth is microcosm of larger things that are in store for us in heaven.
The reluctant players still evoke the right reactions from all quarters,if they are really authentic. The opportunities are wide open but grabbing them with both the hands must be accelerated to the core.
The broken up situations are not confined to a miniscule number rather they are all pervasive and wide ranging in this world of brinkmanship and oneupmanship. The good people are way laid in this world by people of much malicious intentions. Still,there is a scope for redemption and salvation.

(6) Reconstruction Through Creativity

The trudging to the destination is long and steady but all alone the journey of life is undertaken or resorted to. The well wishers are everywhere but our eyes must be truly opened to see them. The humane behavioural patterns can bring people back to the fundamentals of life.
Even the most exalted life does have a cardinal downturn in the course of time. The unlikely places are the first signs of defences against collective misunderstanding. The level of desolation depends upon how the big picture is comprehended.
The concept of love doesn’t lose its virulent modality. The unknown,unsung and unwept heroes prop up this world every now and then. The personal honesty is a crucial factor for delivering the goods to the world at large. The power brokers are the unbroken Kings managing affairs of various hues and colours in our disoriented society.
Through this unique prose like verse book,she has taken poetry writing to a height of new imaginative content. Let this poet of global reach,spread and scale notch up further recognitions and achievements in years to come. I wish her comprehensive success in excelling in the genre of poetry always.
Review of Anthology of Prose Musings of a Mystic by Mr.Cijo Joseph Chennelil India.
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