TO STAY I am standing alone with the hope Having nobody to comfort me, There is no longer a choice to stay oblivious to the unknown I don’t want to cry for the way I feel inside.   Get the copy: Whispers of Soflay (Yearly Anthology of Poetry) Vol 3

Gloom and doom poem

Off the sky the stars fell, Falling like the rain of doom, Spitting fire in it rage, What could have happened? The angels are at war? Or Beelzebub flaunting in majesty? Was it a dream or trance in reality? “a story by my grandfather”.   How do I know theContinue Reading

A Review on The Anthology Soulful Musings

Article about the review on the anthology of soulful musings poems   The anthology of poems constituted by you under the title”Raphsody of Reflections”is a poetic work of unique texture,artistic prowess,literary dexterity and imaginative vibrancy.   The 75 poems in question in this anthology reflect myriad sides of life inContinue Reading