Indian Changing Trends and Growth & COVID-19

Indian Changing Trends and Growth

Our measure was once one of the “numbers” of seven billion humans walking this planet. The Indian changing trends and growth, now we are categorized on the scale of one of the “case” being positive or negative.

If we try to enlist the once-in-a-lifetime things, the 90’s kids have surely seen a lot more transformation than any other generation alive today.

We had a generation from the past stories telling us about how their era looked like, staying in one place for a lifetime. The pre and post-independence memories, the fervor of patriotism, and less questioning more submissive attitude attached to the Indian Changing Trends and Growth.

We then have a generation of our parents telling us how their 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s looked like. How their life without television, limited road connectivity, and migration in search of good education and jobs were? A mere radio and a fiat car were considered a luxury. Their craze for Boney M and Rajesh Khanna was the epitome of fandom.

We also have our younger selves hooked to Shaktimaan and helping Mario to find his princess. May be hence the repeat telecast had broken all records of viewership. These took us back a decade where we left that kid-in-us getting up early, running to playgrounds, and winning board games. The three-ring phone calls to school friends on a landline, crying over lost slam books and gifting Archie’s cards to the loved ones too.

Now recall the grand celebration we witnessed when 2000 walked into our lives. Born and growing in times to change from Nokia 3300 to iPhone is surely a miraculous blessing.

Series of such events clearly means the paradigm shift for humanity was from having nothing to having everything a click away. Until the deadly corona shuddered us.

While the trend pundits had predicted how 2020 will look like on the global sphere 6 months back, no one really imagined Sapiens locked in their homes, fighting and facing death. So what will happen when the situation is stable? Would we be getting back to the routine we have had so far? The answer is NO!!

No, I am not being a pessimist here however let us look at the life we ought to be ready for:

  1. Investing and Encouraging Research

Governments especially in developing nations like India who spend a negligible percentage on actual research, discoveries, and inventions that need to gear up and show the Indian changing trends and growth. Right at the education level where still the rigid system of cramming up and topping the ranking charts exists, the focus should be to increase reasoning skills. There was this joke floating around social media, where practical usage of trigonometry was questioned. Little do we all know, it has quite a great importance in our daily lives, maybe invisible to our eyes? Imbibe the lessons, practice, and experiment in the real world.

  1. Learn essential life skills

 A few months back a friend shared his mom doesn’t let him do cleaning around the house because it would bring bad omen if a male does the chores. Also, I often saw my female friends being happily ignorant about fixing electronics items and taking their cars for servicing. Mind you all these friends are well educated and doing great in their field of work.

 I am wondering what is happening to such singles in these times of lock down. Being clearly conditioned to categorize the chores on gender basis they never learned to cook, clean, iron the clothes with that well-kept beard OR fix a bulb; hold a drilling machine in those manicured hands. High time folks, take off that dependency cloak and wipe off that gender-based division of skills.

Indian Changing Trends and Growth

  1. “Ladies!! Contribute to the economy”

Two weeks before the lockdown we celebrated another women’s day. The glass ceiling is not yet broken, isn’t it? Our gender still contributes less than 5% of the GDP. Bitter but true. Why do we disappear after topping college charts?? We, women, sob over gender pay gaps and safety. But we let our investments be done by our male relatives. So,

Can we all take our jobs as jobs and not 8 hours escape route from in-laws?

Can we learn to be more sincere towards work?

Can we push our limits a meter more?

Can we set realistic expectations with our family?

Let us all try to feature in the books of accounts more than in “good-books” of the Khandan.

Indeed there will be huge emotional costs, but taking the driving seat is better than being the baggage.

  1. Upskill and get innovative

Yes, logic-based learning tools are still to become a reality. Though we are towards paperless work culture, the continuous making of human chatbots that can email, scan, and copy, is on. Regrettably, we have only learned to fix a given problem.

Owing to huge losses, there will be an impact on millions of jobs too. So, merely doing routine tasks won’t keep us at work for long. Can we go to upskilling and learning something creative.AI loaded future was pestering us to pick up artistic skill or sport anyway, so why not take a baby step now. Besides; your hobby may get you intangible rewards.

  1. Be the Minimalist

Yeah, you were used to fun-filled weekends. You ordered every possible thing online. The malls had no collection that you dint try in the fitting rooms.

Sigh!! The world economy will be recovering at its own pace. And with this, there will be an unprecedented impact on our income sources too. So let there be a check on how you would spend.

Ditch that Holi Bash!! Festivals can be celebrated best at home with traditional delicacies. Learn some forgotten recipe from grannie.

I know you drool over gadgets!! However no need to compete over the smartwatches. You can surely repeat the dress at the next party, just carry it again with a dash of confidence. So Save! It is good to have an emergency fund. Pandemic has taught us the tough way of being content.

  1. Be a traveler, not a tourist

The itching to travel is making you restless. And the shutdown on global tourism has affected the industry badly. If we are to trust the facts then in India alone 3.8 crores of jobs related to this sector are at stake.45000 crores is the outstanding debt in January 2020. So when you pack a bag, try to be a traveler.

Sadly the world feels that Indians travel just to show off. So follow the tips;

  • Explore incredible India
  • Unknown small towns that don’t feature in your list but have been gifted with scenic views, rich culture and color are waiting to host you
  • Eat local food.
  • Travel in public transport.
  • Buy souvenirs from handicraft shops. Get some information on the geography, history, language, and come back to paint, write a blog, or vlog about it.

Europe tour can now be on the backburner. Now at least?

  1. Go local

While you think globally, try buying locally. Veggies, dairy products, groceries, other daily needs can be bought at the nearest local shops. Explore the old city markets. Yes, the tacky streets will have parking issues and you will be sweating too. Wipe it off and be thankful to them as in today’s times, these “small shops” came for your rescue show Indian changing trends and growth.

Also, the standalone stores still offer good quality jeans and jackets, you may want to step in once and try? No harm comforting in a hand-stitched shirt or a dress by that tailor your parents still go to.

Try to learn the way they sell, communicate, and negotiate with customers without attending the webinars.

This all is going to add a plus in your networking skills for sure.

And don’t worry, Jeff Bezos can manage without you proceed to checkout.

  1. Be sincere to your job

I call “work from home” a luxury, not all have it. Coming months would see virtual working culture as one of the key business strategies.

Ironically, we are used to a confined and controlled atmosphere since school days. Now that the “big bunny” in the corner is not eyeing you, it’s time to practice that “self-driven” attribute which you added to the strengths section in the resume.

The disciplined and planned day will not only increase productivity but you will be leading by example for your young ones too.

  1. Don’t make your home,” the office”

the HR email told you to 10 things to follow while working from home. However, remember your family members are equally struggling to adjust to your constant presence which was otherwise only on weekends. In a way, you have acclaimed their territory, napping time, TV time, etc. While you designate a workplace and set up your work desk, don’t shout out to mom for hunger pangs, chai, noisy background.

Rather be polite enough to walk and fill in the water bottles, make a cup of coffee, appreciate the long-legged doll that your kid has just drawn, and helped in your elderly go digital.

  1. Meet & Greet

Namaste is the trending cool thing we forgot in our home towns. That tiny virus has taught a huge human, the impermanence of life. So while we survive this, try meeting friends and family and have those heart-to-heart conversations again. It is also part of Indian changing trends and growth. Let go of the grudges and wavelength-mismatch notions. Fix and greet them with “Namaste” this time.

  1. Change habit, do your bit

Greta said “how dare you” and the world’s heart got ripped off. If you want your beloved kids to not face the wrath of nature, please unlearn a few of your habits.

Strictly no one-time-plastic use anymore. Walk, cycle, or carpool to work. Consume water and electricity on a need basis. Say no to construction on agricultural land. Take homemade snacks for that one-day outing. And yes don’t forget the cloth carry bag. Just do your bit.

And be future-ready to adapt to the NEW NORMAL.

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