A true love story – Elora

Elora – Name of a famous sculpture of India. With lots of love her uncle named her Elora after seeing her beautiful face like sculpture.

Now Elora is a girl of 21 and beautiful enough to draw attention of any man . Recently she got a job in a Private Ltd. Co. After her graduation . Her father got retired recently and yet to get pension . So she thought it’s high time to join a job to support her small family which completes with she and her father .

After long 8hours duty it’s the only time in bus when ,she get some time to think about her own and dream about something . Elora always loves to imagine and in her very imagination there is always a man who will love her out of the world . She imagines of pure love which will remain same forever and ever . It’s not like that she doesn’t have any presence of man in her life but they never matches with her imagination .

Many time she has been appreciated about attractive eyes and joint eyebrows like a flying bird from many men . But her hurt never could reciprocate with them . Recently a simple guy of her age trying to make friendship with her . He is desperate enough to step in her life but she is not in a state to fall in love .

Anyhow on the day of 14th February suddenly the boy managed to proposed her . She was little confused and stunned .She had a bunch of flower which someone had kept in her drawer in office still was there with her.

Without thinking anything she handed it over to the guy ,just to get relief from it because some question may arise at home regarding this . She may be questionable to her father .But she never imagined what a sense it can make . The guy thought she in love with him too . In next day she tried to make him understand that she belongs to a conservative brahmin family and only a relation of friendship is possible with him .Nothing more .

Perhaps he was hurt but said OK. Let’s be friend . But his constant effort to reach to her heart was continued . Few months after Elora’s father was seriously I’ll and nobody was there by her side . The guy Biswarup came forward to help him. Her heart was full of gratitude but not ready for love .

Years gone by . Now elora’s father was worried for her marriage but he didn’t find any suitable groom for her . In the meantime her father became more ill somehow to cope up with the situation elira agreed to marry Biswarup . But question remained in her heart “Do I love him? But it was her satisfaction that the guy she married love her more than anything .

2 years flew in a blink . What she released in this 2years that her husband is very possessive about her . Sometimes it was suffocating but gradually she accustomed with his nature . But she never know something more is awaiting for her .

After 3years of marriage Elora became the mother of a son . Perhaps it was the most proud moment for her . She got more involve in family life and became a perfect housewife . She almost forget she is an educated girl and she may have a career of her own or a bright future . Husband’s success and future is her future and to cooperate him utmost is her duty she thought .

Two more years passed by . Now her son is in nursery and she is a happy mother . But suddenly her husband got transferred to a different district . It was a problem to Elora cause she never imagined a life without her husband . She decided to go with him whatever is the situation . Her husband too agreed .

They started to live in a new place in a rented house . Elora belonged to a well to do family and never stay in such a rented house but she adjusted it . She also took her father with her cause to settle down in a new town with her little son was little difficult for her . Moreover there was none to look after her father cause she was a motherless child .

But after some months she released her husband imposed all her responsibility on her father and became little indifferent to the family . But she thought promotion and work pressure bounded him to do so . Elora slowly became alone cause her husband became busy and she is unknown to the city . Even they were not getting a comfortable abode to live in . After one year Biswarup said it’s very difficult for you to handle both side ,your own house and here . You may shift in Kolkata if you want . You have tenant problem also over there .

She came back in Kolkata . But she never thought this distance may create so much distance with her husband. Every alternate week her husband used to visit home but Elora became lonely slowly cause that one day of a week was so occupied they rare would get chance to spend time with each other. One night they quarreled a lot and the very night her husband left home for his working place thronging one of her phone in angst.

Elora cried a lot and at midnight the phone suddenly started to beep. She opened it and started to scrawl out of curiosity. Suddenly she started to read the messages, she got a message where Biswarup wrote a lady “I love U ” . Innocent Elora couldn’t believe her eyes, she called her and the lady was astonished to know that Biswarup is a married man.

Biswarup denied the entire story until Elora said she had all the proofs. He apologized but will Elora ever be able to forgive him or she will be able to forgive herself for this big mistake of her life? Should she call it her destiny or move back!!

by Sumana

About the author: Sumana Bhattacharjee
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