ECOSYSTEM AND BALANCE IN NATURE A group of individual organisms, for example, squirrels. oak trees of the same kind (species) are called population. In nature, we discover number of various life forms living in a specific zone. The populations of plants and animals living and interacting in a given localityContinue Reading

INTRODUCTION It is a gathering of maladies brought about by class Plasmodium, and transmitted to man by specific types of tainted, female Anopheline mosquito; clinically portrayed by scenes of chills and fever with times of inertness, extension of spleen and optional weakness. AGENT FACTORS Four species of Plasmodium (malaria parasite)Continue Reading

The progress of any educational programs very much depends upon well conduction research. It postulates sufficient, reliable and valid facts. Such facts are normally obtained through a systematic procedure which involves various devices. Each data collecting device has both merits and demerits. Each research tool is appropriate in a givenContinue Reading

In a distant galaxy many, many millennia ago a star burst. It was not over in seconds, first its light glowed more brightly, more brilliantly but gradually the light dimmed back to more regular levels. Then there was a sudden blinding flash and the star disintegrated into atoms and moleculesContinue Reading