Rainbow by Carina Cecilia Ianni

Rainbow by Carina Cecilia Ianni

Rainbow by Carina Cecilia Ianni

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Oh sower, heaven give thanks
The rainbow accompanies you,

You put the colors together, in the heart chest
Many suns saw your pupils

The carmine red vibrates in your being
Your skin is golden by the aroma of coffee

Your gentle hands take out the weeds,
Among the flowers there are thorns, which you can avoid

Every dawn you run a race in chronos,
And you are reborn when you touch the earth watered with dew

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She born in Centenario Neuquen province of Argentina, on 22, December 1976. Carina Cecilia Ianni is an artist of international level. Her magical fingers have crafted awesome artworks and paintings that have been presented in various national and international events and exhibitions. She is also a passionate teacher with more than twelve years of teaching experience with adolescents in public schools in Argentina.


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