Gloom and doom

Gloom and doom poem

Off the sky the stars fell,

Falling like the rain of doom,

Spitting fire in it rage,

What could have happened?

The angels are at war?

Or Beelzebub flaunting in majesty?

Was it a dream or trance in reality?

“a story by my grandfather”.


How do I know the truth of the fact?

How do I know the false in the lies?

Was it all a myth?

A fiction crafted by his hands,

In his book of gloom.

Who is my succour in this



Can’t I follow that path?

The route that was carved,

By the angel of doom himself,

Shan’t I trace his steps,

Placing my foot on his footprints,

Until my curiosity I crucify.

Perchance that river I shall see,

Where answers begs for inquests.


Can’t I even die so I could live?

For these puzzles haunts me,

“Off the sky the stars fell”,

To the earth or to the deep?

“spitting fire in it rage”,

A story of gloom?

Or a reality of doom?

Was it caused by sin?

Or the answers beyond the seen?

Off the sky the stars fell.


About the author: Ajani Samuel Victor
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