A Sequel Book That Describes Life by Nedu Kels Poetry

A Sequel Book That Describes Life by Nedu Kels Poetry


SUBTITLE: Every gracious struggle and hustle gives a beautiful life

A Sequel Book That Describes Life



“Broken Glass “

The world is quiet without a sound

Life seems to have lost its stars

Everything in the universe is static

No sun in the sky, only shadows


Life is bitter and cruel to all kind

Masked without pity on any soul

We do not know what tomorrow holds

Even today grinds and roasts


Life grows through dusts and ashes

It’s never a bed of roses

Tossing us here and there, through

a veiled glass, till we are exposed


Our visions fade with the skies

Hearts unfulfilled and unglad

Whispering thoughts wandering our minds

We yearn for the roses of life


My heart weakens and pangs

Panicking rush flowing through my vein

Fear shivering down my spine

My glass plate breaks before birth


Darkness grows over dawn

Ashes and dust dash into the air

We become blank without visions

Because every silver lining fades


Long gone when life was a beautiful stream

Now, there are rocks in every river we swim

Blocking every voyage we take

Making messy, the dreams we make


Loners in the journey of life, we are

The silence makes us weep

Thrilling our hearts with pains

It seemed the wind stood still


Very loud I echo in my voice

But no one hears me in this strange place

How do we forget today’s pains when

Tomorrow has no hope of light


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“The Boy Between Worlds “

I sit with my heart perturbed, under a tree

Gracing my back on its thorny bark

As the jagged body pierced me till red

I ignored the feeling of pain it gave


My solitude became my deepest feeling

As my hands rest on the root and my eyes steady

Within me are mysterious worries

Sinking in the deepest part of my thought


Like the faded torn clothes on me

I wore sadness deep in my soul

The heavy thought calmed my loneliness

What runs in my thought is beyond me!


What does the future hold for me?

Father sleeps unhappy in the grave

And mother still battles to live

That she recognizes her child no more


She’s wholly weak and there’s no win

I am a grown teenager of age four

Dwelling in the midst of dark angels

Disguised as mortals but with evil souls


Life walked hard on me without pity

Driving me to an un-craven wilderness

My soul is feeble for the sorrowful days

Who will be the risen angel that I need?


Every hope dashed to the shadows

My eyes have lost their tears to the winds

The scorching sun dried up every smile

As I swim in the river of confusion


Sadly, my country has no plans for my kind

They know not that I exist, I wonder!

Who am I to be found in their hearts’ bosom!

A destitute child with a future blurred


My life casts a cloudy canvas

As I wander silently my resolute self

Folding my shivered heart in quietness

In readiness for life’s servings


I’m sitting at the edge of my dreams

With puncturing bruises that hurt

Looking at the sky for a silver lining

The sea rises to beckon my heart



“Distant Hope “

As dusk begins to fall

The morning rises with the fallen heart

Of one whose mother died in his hands

No more could I hold back my tears


Thrown into a state of devastation

I lose myself to the greatest shock

I’m deepened with life’s depression

Where will I, my questions unlock?


There’s barely a resonance of joy inside me

A shadow against the blue sky above

The wind dies down!

Every silvered line wrapped in shades


My cravings are green flowers

Falling in the deepest part of me

I’m alive with a dead fantasy

The rain does not pause for the sunshine


I hate me, my instincts fail

And no one gives a care

Hope seems distant from my eyes

I cry silently with my heart hurting


Hopeless nights crept over my soul

Shadow’s curtain cradled my heart

Tilting between realities and fantasies

The night choruses my sad moments


I’m at sea and my world silenced

All endeavors, unyielding

I look to the sky for a hand

All I see, hovering smoking clouds


Day and night, I call for death

That I may rest with Mama and Papa

But it runs far that I can only imagine

Death won’t send me an invitation


I had a dream to change my story

But my weaknesses defeat my hopes

Leaving me to the desperation of myself

I live for a reason I do not yet see

A Sequel Book That Describes Life by Nedu Kels Poetry poems



“Resilient Bloom “

When the world doesn’t remember my name

Every morning’s sunrise shall paint me

The yellow brightness of dawn

Will, my dreams, beam


As the rainbow quietly disappears

And the snows come down

My hiding stars shine their light

I rise with the water, flow with the fall


The desires of my heart’s thrust deep

They become evergreen

Without fade, hope arising from the inside

My resilience is graced by the light


As the sunset breaks the evening

And ashes from my past, buried

Darkness is dismissed by light

guarding my empire of illumination


My strength gave power to resilience

Unbelief washed in the Ocean

Fears gone in the winds

Every grief erased, I smile


I was like a wilted amazon sunflower

The amazing touch of sunshine

Rise from the greying times

To kiss me a resilient bloom


Heavens graced my struggle and hustle

With garments of fortunes and abundance

Fountains of splendors fell on me

Sun of wonder revived my dying soul


I rise beyond the heavenly sky

The shining of the sun became my muse

Out of the abundance of its splendour

The eyes reveal the heart’s stars



“Stars in My Eyes “

When the tides roar violently

And life thorns pierce me

My eyes shy with a cry

My heart, heavy with pains

My soul drain in despair

Craving for the bed of roses

But no!

Many times I almost died

Though my shadow faded

The sun rose with life, at dawn

I arose from the grave of lost hope

And the past became stories to tell


It was in my mind to prove the world

That dreams comes true

No one could douse off the fire in me

It’s reality I have conquered the world

Growing up I knew I had the stars

Hiding behind the shadows of my life

All I wanted was to let them shine

Not just near but beyond every horizon

My strength and passion are renewed

With a song in my heart

My dreams arose and greyed no more

I have risen beyond my hard times


My story never gladdened me as a boy

But I believed I could rewrite it

Reminiscing about the memories of yesterday

I put on smiles – I know I’m a winner

Today I see myself in the stage of life

I have become a star fashioned out of shadows

How I did it, a marvel to the world

From every corner, they scream my name

Yes! I make Mama and Papa are proud

In their new place beyond the world

Now they can rest in peace

My name is written in the stars


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Writer Name: Nedu Kels
Country: Nigeria
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