Dreams by Alicja Maria

I cannot help you. All results are normal and you are theoretically healthy – Doctor looked helplessly at Marta and continued – I wonder if these attacks of dyspnoea do not have a psychological basis. Here you have a referral to Dr. Kant Marta hid the document in her purse, thanked him and left the office. She felt anger over her.

He makes me a fool – she thought reluctantly. Well, it’s hard, I have no choice, The next day she was accepted by another specialist. Doctor Kant was a young and a nice man. He listened with interest to Marta’s story about night dyspnea, which was followed mostly after a nightmare.

I’m dreaming I’m going in a crowded wagon with no windows. I’m scared, I’m screaming. I’m  feeling the floating smell of deatharound me. I’ m paralyzed with the fear. It’s strange, is not it? And then an attack starts. I cannot catch my breath. I wake up barely alive. In the morning I’m tired and frustrated.

The doctor thought for a moment and said:

 I would like to suggest you a hypnosis. Something happened in your life. This is hiding deep in your subconscious and it returns to you in the form of nightmares. We must find the source of the disease. Do you agree?

Do I have a different choice? -Marta asked the doctor. -I’m exhausted. I’m just finished.

Lay on the couch and look at this point, and I‘ll count .

After a moment she was again in this carriage, pushed into the crowd of the terrified and crying people. A little girl was desperately searching for her mother. An old man slumped to the floor. Someone else was praying aloud. Her eyes got used to the darkness and some faces began to emerge from it. The regular clatter of the train’s wheels stuck in her brain. The cold sweat trickled down Marta’s back.

We’ll die. We will all die. Oh, God, why? -Someone, next to her, whispered the terrifying truth. She felt anger and rebellion. She was young, beautiful and lovely.

It’s not true. It’s not fair ! – she exclaimed. I did not do anything to anyone. I have to live! I have a husband and my children. What will they do without me ?! I will come back to them and even the devil will not stop me ..

You’ve come back. Please, open your eyes – she heard the doctor’s familiar voice from a distance.

She breathed a sigh of relief. She understood everything. She never believed in reincarnation. However, she decided to check something else. She thanked the doctor and made an appointment for another visit. She got into the car and drove up to the old, slightly ruined house on the outskirts of the town.

-Excuse me- she said to the old woman standing in the gate. Are the gold stars painted in this house on the navy blue ceiling?

How do you know that? – She asked surprised. After a moment she continued: -Before the war it was a synagogue, and then this building was converted into a residential house. In the attic, on the ceiling, the starry sky is painted.

Marta smiled slightly. She knew this house perfectly from another dream.

by Alicja Maria Kuberska

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