Random Reflection and Quotes Review By Rakesh Chandra

Random Reflection and Quotes

“Random Reflection and Quotes” By Jyotirmaya Thakur

             A prolific creator of verse, who lives and breathe poetry, Mrs. Jyotirmaya Thakur, has once again come up with a marvellous collection of poetry,  Random Reflection and Quotes.  Her 15th, which is in collaboration with Mr Faleh al Khazraji (in Arabic). This is going to be a new and refreshing experiment symbolising the fact that the language of poetry is universal which knows no barrier of any kind.

No doubt, her passion is poetry and this time she has collected in her work 100 nuggets of micro poems starting as quatrains,  Gogoyoshi, sestet, octanes and 10 lines. Though the range of themes is quite expansive, yet the subject closest to her heart is, indeed, nature. A reference to nature either in fleeting form or in detail pops up in most of her poems. She herself narrates that to her “nature inspires”.

“Nature inspired silent serenity,

Poets explore in words of affinity,


Only the blessed can connect as one

And then life becomes a real fun.”

(Nature Inspires)

Undoubtedly, only the blessed can feel the soulful impact of nature which fills our life with radiance of joy and happiness. She asserts that every sunrise brings into its wake a ‘rhyme’ that is beyond time and space:

“Every sunrise their lives a rhyme,

That transcends space and time.”

(Morning Mood)

Not only this, for her morning represents harmony, where different breeds of our vast ecosystem show up their natural acts adding lustre to the luxurious bounty of nature. She expresses her vision as such:

“Sparrows chirping in early morns

Skipping of lambs in raging storms

Lapwing dance in oozing forms

Cricket Chorus in evening songs

Glowing fireflies in night swarms.”


Her prying eyes don’t miss the life of a leaf from branch flying away and caught by a bird for nest-making (“A leaf”) and the utility of green prairie grass found in abundance (“Blade of Grass”). But her poetic imagination surpasses to a new normal dishing out captivating imagery when she   visualises words as “Butterfly” which are spread on “fragile petals”:

“Butterfly words are spread on fragile petals,

A language of love in floral vessels,

Sweet the honey when spoken,

Not like caterpillars on branches broken.”

(Butterfly Words)

Her roving vision has captured the nuances of all the seasons which she has described with a rare sincerity. She speaks about “Spring” as:

“Amazing touch of spring on a show,

Blue sky reflects in clear water flows.”


or the “Summer” as:

“Abundant blossoms smile in the sun,

Butterflies frolic and bees have fun.”



She identifies the Christmas festival with the onset of winter and says:

“Heavy onset of winter snow,

Brilliant lights of Christmas store.”


However, her conception of rains is entirely new and different from the normal when she writes as :

“Fertility drops down from Heaven,

Filling every corner of Earthly Eden.”


Depicting Raindrops as “Fertility drops” is not only unique but it comes like a burst of fresh air! Her description of the Autumn also falls in this category when she described it as such:

“Apple fruits falling from trees,

Bee’s and bugs trying to sleep,

Canopy of Bowers yellow fever,

Dusk brings cold wind shiver.”


Flowers are the decorations of nature but hardly any poet portrays them so beautifully showing innate proximity to their very existence. Marigold is not a rare variety of flowers. Yet she is able to say:

” I am always planted with a tale,

I am an auspicious symbol of late,

I germinate anytime of the year,


A garden’s golden perfume dear”


Similarly, she writes about ‘Carnations’, as:

“Carnations in emergency,

In Spring or Summer vacancy.”


But how will one evaluate the level of her sensitivity when she speaks about the “Smile’ of the Roses and “Red Rose Weeps”? For her,

“The rose smiles with golden dew

Hot Summer breezes sweep from blue”

(Rose Smiles)


“In Summer shrouds of tidal tomb

With Spring dews on barren womb

I know why the red rose weeps

In January when icy wind creeps

Besides cemetery sap slowly seeps.”

(Red Rose weeps)

Moon is another symbol which adds to the beauty of nature. She is also fascinated by the beauty of the moon when she writes:

“Tree in the night with ascending Moon,

Is an excellent inspiration of silent boon,

Beauty and strength combined in one,

One in sky and one on the Earth.”

(Moon And The Tree)

   Love for nature is ingrained in the poetess’s heart. But she is a votary of love everywhere and in any form. She is a human being and her idea of love encompasses the humans also. She has depicted her love as “Rainbow love” which exists in ‘seven hues’:

              “Vibgyor of our love in seven hues”.

(Rainbow Love)

Her love has no definition and love is not planned or deliberate.

“Love is never about possession,

It is never about being in suspicion,

It is not about always being around,

Never to be alike or physically sound,


Love is not planned or deliberate.”

(Love has no definition)

Her love is old and sure with an urge to merge with her sweetheart in golden sands for the night:


“My love is old and sure, not novel and fine,

You know I am yours and I know you are mine.

Let’s sit on the beach in pure moonlight,


Merging in golden sands for night.”

(Romantic Lyric)

But is it possible to find love “deliberately’? According to the poetess, ‘not’! she says:

“Love comes innately unannounced,

Your ego without challenge bounced.”

(When Love comes)

But she sounds a word of caution too:

“Beware, for it comes with a curse,

Like an inflated balloon you burst.”

(When Love comes)

   On the whole, her depiction of love is pure, emanating from the heart, and is a long partnership based on mutual love. In the presence of such love, even a touch of the beloved proves to be an oasis in the desert:

     “Your touch is the oasis of my desert,

Ambrosial drops quenching thirst,

A blissful dream in my sleep,


Velvet whispers of breeze.”


   Love is the main essence of life-long partnership. In the matter of marriage also, the poetess has clear cut perception about everything preceding the marriage vows. From the very beginning, she has developed her own style of code of conduct. In an interesting poem, “Not For You”, she clearly indicates that if her future sweetheart does not appear in time in an appointed place or don’t say sweet words to her, or just sit in silence without flashing a smile, such a person is not made for her! She will say just ‘no’ to him.

But she admits that she will be his companion in deeds and be always there in times of need, even she may not be the best person for him. She will be a lifelong companion par excellence to fulfil the proposal day vows (“Proposal day Vows”). An ideal marriage is based on equality between the partners and mutual respect for each- other.

There should be trust between the two and hope also to stand by in adverse time (“Ideal Marriage”). Arranged marriage has its own good and some pitfalls too. The couple starts as a stranger who becomes a habit for each other. Though it is meant to be a social obligation, yet there should be a constant flow of sweetness, compassion, and love for each- other, otherwise marriage turns out to be a drab affair:

     “You were a stranger who became a habit,

Conditioned to see around my venue,


Marriage meant a social obligation.”

(“Arranged Marriage”)

Break-up with a partner or friend or any loved one is always painful. What happens when a friendship breaks? the poetess explains in Random Reflection and Quotes:

“A vital piece of puzzle is gone,

A written page of book is torn,


A shadow that follows after civil wars,

Forever longing for a reunion in dark.”

(Friendship Breaks)


And about parting, poetess has beautifully described:

“Parting is a breathing space to bond within”.


Random Reflection and Quotes

     The one remarkable aspect of this poetry collection is the sweeping range of poetic subjects ranging from nature to routine activities to abstract thoughts that keep our mind occupied. Even the household objects also find a place in the poetess’s repertoire.

She has penned the captivating verses on “Cup of Tea”, “Old Hearth”, “Books”, “Bottle Jars”, Cut out kite” “Gifts”, etc. Her quill has also portrayed the abstract ideas of “Moments”, “Bliss”, “Rejuvenation”, “Tears” “Desires”, “Shine”, “Sleep”, “Wilderness”, “Shelter” etc. She has beautifully expressed some of his themes with enchanting imagery. In “Sleep” she says in Random Reflection and Quotes:


“Sleep is waiting outside the door,

I keep looking bewildered on the floor”.


Likewise, in “Galaxy Tray”, she depicts stars in such a way:

“Stars colourful like breakfast cereal,

Swirling in the vast Milky way”

About “Books”, she says:

“Printed pages open a Visa new,

Travelling in spirits light true.”

Her expression of “Tears” is just marvellous.

“Tears are a mark of power within,

It speaks volumes without being seen.”

The poetess displays a philosophical mood when she says:

“We are just puppets dancing on a string,

Watched by God serenely smiling.”

(Moon Harvest)

That is why she exhorts us to live in the present moment and be happy.

“Relish today as foretaste of the bright future.”

Coming your way with uncertain venture.”


The poet emits a sigh of relief when she admits that she has reached the top and the journey was worth doing in Random Reflection and Quotes.

“I reached the top of the hill,

I realized it was worth the drill.”

(On the Summit)

Undoubtedly, this collection represents the journey of a poetess who has achieved many colours and hues in the display of her poetic artistry. In her short poems, she has instilled deep thoughts which the reader would like to fathers. Beautiful imageries have added grace to her tremendous poetic talent. She has an eye for everything, spanning both the worlds. This is a collection of beautiful verses by a very sensitive and significant bard of our times. I hope that readers will surely welcome this collection ‘ Random Reflection and Quotes ‘. My best wishes and congratulations are due for the poetess for her excellent effort.

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