Untouchable by Dr Pragya Suman

Champa is my favorite sweeper, as I have seen her since my childhood. She belongs to the Valmiki caste of Hinduism. They have been considered untouchables for a thousand years. Champa is of medium height, swarthy complexion, with bulging eyes that look like tumuli, sunken cheeks making the cheekbones moreContinue Reading

Random Reflection and Quotes

“Random Reflection and Quotes” By Jyotirmaya Thakur              A prolific creator of verse, who lives and breathe poetry, Mrs. Jyotirmaya Thakur, has once again come up with a marvellous collection of poetry,  Random Reflection and Quotes.  Her 15th, which is in collaboration with Mr FalehContinue Reading

Preview Musings Of A Mystic by Sameer

Preview ” Musings Of A Mystic ” is indeed a masterpiece that takes the reader through a Mystical world. Ms. Jyotirmaya Thakur has very beautifully laid a path to take readers on a journey into her own mystical world. A spellbinding journey in all its totality. Ms. Jyotirmaya Thakur isContinue Reading

A Review on The Anthology Soulful Musings

Article about the review on the anthology of soulful musings poems   The anthology of poems constituted by you under the title”Raphsody of Reflections”is a poetic work of unique texture,artistic prowess,literary dexterity and imaginative vibrancy.   The 75 poems in question in this anthology reflect myriad sides of life inContinue Reading

How Reading Poetry Can Help Your Mental Health Mental health can be defined as, ‘a state of well being; a spectrum to achieve psychological and emotional wellness, where an individual can realize their true potential and function effectively.’ Therefore, mental health affects us all; and all kinds of things canContinue Reading

The fragrance of Jasmine was spreading across all the rooms, corridor, gallery and other places of my house, which was a sign of Afraa’s presence in my house. It seems that Jasmine and Afraa were synonym for each other, at least for me because if there was no smell ofContinue Reading