Treatment Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Treatment


Shortness of breath
Pain in body


Wash hands again and again
Using Mask
Don’t touch animals
Don’t eat excessive meat


RFTs (Corona also effects testes and kidneys)
CT Lungs


Arsenicum Album 30

1 dose (12 drops in half cup of water) empty stomach for 3 days. This dose should be repeated after every one month.

Eupatorium perfoliatum Q (3 doses, 4+4+4 drops)
Crotalus Horridus Q (2 dose daily, 6 + 6 drops)

( Need 1 hour space between them)

Curative and Preventive Medication for Conoravirus

Take 1 boiled egg morning & evening  

wash your hands rugulary with senitizer

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