Why resort the short stories are important?

Early parents begin reading early to their children’s stories, fairy tales, and poems but to make the speech of the baby correct, expressive and bright, it is not enough to read only the stories of children, it is necessary to learn to retell. That retelling causes children in primary school the greatest difficulties. If the child is not familiar with what is discussed in the story, a little conversation will lead the child to the work content. Ask questions after reading a short story to find out if it was understood by the child. Only then can you ask to tell it again.

At the same time, at different stages of learning retelling, different types of retelling are used: you retell what you are reading, and the child inserts a word or a sentence. If the child has big pauses to tell, then ask the leading questions. You’re making a story plan before you start retelling. The story is organized in turn, you go on and he finishes when the child begins to retell.

This type of work helps develop the continued attention of a child, the ability to listen to another person and follow his or her speech. As Sasha saw the plane first. It was spring, the streams were flowing, the snow melted. Sasha’s paper boats were floating. Suddenly something was buzzing at the top. Sasha believed a bird was flying. It’s over your head here. It was an aircraft. Sasha was looking at the plane, and the boats were swimming away.

Short stories for children


Dad bought a Misha rabbit. The rabbit was beautiful. He has soft gray wool, long ears, a short tail. Rabbit loves cabbage, carrots. He sits and quickly gnaws a carrot. 1. Answer the questions: What is Misha’s bunny? What is rabbit fur? Ears, tail? How does he gnaw a carrot? What else does it feed? 2. To retell the text, putting the noun rabbit and its adjectives in the plural. 3. To form a comparative degree of an adjective: Beautiful – more beautiful, soft – softer, long – longer, kind – kinder, strong – stronger, thick – thicker, thin – thinner, faster – faster, evil – angrier, high – higher, low – below.


There is white snow all around. The trees are bare. The animals hid in the hole. Children are happy winter. The ski and skate. 1. Answer the questions: What is the time of year? What lies on the ground? Where are the beasts hiding? Who is happy about winter? What do children do in winter? 2. Explain the meaning of phrases: trees are bare; there is snow all around; the beasts hid in holes. 3. Choose epithets for the words: snow (what?) – white, soft, fluffy, light; skates (what?) – iron, sharp, childish, shiny; skis (what?) – yellow, wooden, children, short. 4. Repeat who lives where: a bear is in a den, a squirrel is in a hollow, a horse is in a stable, a fox is in a hole, a dog is in a kennel.

Snow woman

We made two huge snowballs in the yard. Put someone on whom. Then they stuck the hands of a snow woman. They threw a broom into her hands. Then we made her eyes, mouth, and nose. They put a hat on the head of the woman. 1. Answer the questions: Who are the children blind from the snow? How many lumps have they made? What stuck baba? What stuck in her hands? What did you do next? What was the woman wearing on her head? 2. To tell this story from the first person (from the face of a boy, girl).


The bear has a warm shaggy coat. His muzzle is elongated. The bear walks hard, moving its paws somehow at random because it was called the clubfoot. But he can run fast. He is very cleverly climbing trees. Bear eats berries, honey. Bear for the cold months gets into the den, sleeping and sucking paw. 1. To tell how a bear walks and runs, what it eats, where it lives in winter. 2. Make a story description of the bear. 3. Recall riddles about forest animals.

by Dr. Changaizi

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