5 things that beginners forget starting a personal business

5 things that beginners forget starting a personal business

5 things that beginners forget starting a personal business.

Receiving Money

Receiving money from a client is a process that pleases small business owners. Finally, your idea, product or service is in demand. Indeed, there is something to rejoice! But in this high spirits do not forget about the methods of receiving payments, ignorance will not save you from responsibility for mistakes. What should a beginner pay attention to?

 Cash Desk Selection

The most elementary online cash desks are inexpensive, from 15 thousand, but they do not have any additional functionality, except for a fiscal drive. For cash desk equipment with an accounting system, for example, for a Bookselling, Cafe, etc. You can create a cash system from a laptop and a fiscal registrar and supplement it with the necessary software.

But in order to assemble such equipment, you need to be well versed in technical details and it costs more, from 40 thousand. The “smart” cash desk may be the best solution. They already include all the necessary software, product accounting programs, and sales statistics. A similar cash desk can be rented at a bank. It is convenient for beginners.


A personal account on the tax website will help to register an online cash register. It does not take much time but requires care. In addition, remember that the fiscal drive has an expiration date. If you do not meet the deadline, you will face some problems.

Safety of Your Money 

To ensure the safety of money, consider how you will credit cash to your current account. Beginners should pay attention to self-encashment. For example, the bank has more than 50 thousand ATMs. You can return money at the nearest convenient one at any time of the day. This can be done by the head or proxy. You can activate the service in the bank Business Online Internet Banking.

 If you have an online store, you can’t avoid a request from a client: how to pay by bank transfer with the courier delivering the goods. Do not forget to provide this opportunity and purchase a mobile terminal. Now there are systems that consist of a card reader and a special application on a phone or tablet.

Do Not Forget Payment

 Do not forget that any payment must be made through the online cashier, and non-cash payment is also a legal requirement. If this is not done, an employee can be fined that can be a few dollars.

Of course, all payments, both cash and non-cash, must be made by law. There are a lot of requirements, and the main recommendation for a novice businessman is to automate processes as much as possible, take advantage of special banking offers, such as self-collection, carefully study new software and cash register applications. It will save time – such a valuable resource for an entrepreneur.

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